Cannon Mountain

Change of plans

At the last second our originally planned trip to hike Mt. Madison got canceled. A storm front made Madison's 5,367' summit too dangerous. I joined up with Rich, a fellow hiker from the canceled trip to give Cannon a shot.

On the trail tree cover protected us from the wind for the majority of the hike. We needed only look up though to reveal the winds power and speed.

Temperatures hovered around -9° leading to moisture from our breath freezing anywhere it could grab a hold. This included my eyebrows.

The Summit

At 4,080' the summit was safer than that of Mt. Madison, but still terrifically windy. The storm front pushed winter air steadily to the East at 60 MPH. Winds on the summit lookout tower were intense. Dipping the temperature to -46° F with the windchill - we did not hang around for long.

The Decent

A particularly steep section required us to shuttle crampons and an ice axe along the slope between hikers.