Owls Head

Early Start

Owls Head is a long hike. Coming in at 16 miles round trip the hike includes two bushwhacks to reduce mileage and generally two types of terrain. (1) nearly flat & (2) extremely steep.

We got an early start at 06:45 and hit the trail before sunrise.

After a river crossing and the Black Pond bushwhack we switched gear and started the Brutus bushwhack.

This wilderness route is named for a dog who refused to climb the alternate path which follows an old rock slide scar on the side of the mountain. His owner had to create this route in order to summit Owls Head.

Descending Owls Head presented a lot of butt-sledding opportunities. Our group had mixed levels of success.

The End

A little over twelve hours after setting out we made it back to the trailhead.