1903 Waltham Pocket Watch

          During Christmas of 2009 my Father-in-law, Peter, gave me a gift that I have been fascinated by ever since. He passed along a family heirloom Waltham pocket watch to me. Along with the gift Peter gave me a letter describing the watch and the history of the American Waltham Watch Company. 

As am engineer I love to marvel at the watch which was a cutting edge piece of technical at the time of its production in 1903. Thinking about how this level of precision and craftsmanship was accomplished well before computerized design and manufacturing is humbling. In the years since I received the watch I read Longitude by Dava Sobel. This book only furthered my appreciation for the value timekeeping ads to our lives. 

Recently I had an opportunity to photograph the inner working of the watch under a high powered microscope. I'm writing this posting to share the images and detail found inside the watch. 

The different materials selected for each component always interest me.