Traveling Trinket # 001 - "Adventure"

Young Michael heading to Europe.

          When I was a kid I went on a cruise with my family. We visited the tourist attractions and made a lot of memories. One of the memories that stands out to me is that of a message in a bottle. One night I sealed my mailing information inside a wine bottle and tossed it overboard. Low and behold, a few months later a letter showed up at my door from someone in Spain who found the bottle. 

          This memory was in my head when I came up with this idea. I wanted to create something akin to a Geocache; except the item is the part that moves and ties the story together. I combined an old mason jar, some spray paint, and a toy camera into what I'm calling a "Traveling Trinket". The idea is straight forward. I used the now neon colored mason jar as a container and placed the toy camera [trinket] inside. Next I included simple instructions for whoever found the trinket:

  1. Take a photo/selfie with the trinket in the photo. This can be near where you found the trinket, or part of your hike, climb, swim, etc. to get there. Be creative and fun!

  2. Email the photo and a description of where and how you found the trinket to me.

  3. Put the trinket back in its container and leave it somewhere new that you feel embodies "Adventure" for another person to find.

I'm excited to see where the trinket travels to and the stories it unearths. I'll post updates to this page.

2016, December 27 - Starting The Journey

During a hike up Mt. Mooselake in New Hampshire I tucked the jar next to a trail junction sign. The trail runs along a popular winter route, linking South Peak and the summit of Mt. Mooselake. Despite heavy snowfall I hope someone discovers the jar shortly.