Ingmanson Scholarships

Each year I get the opportunity to work with my brother and sister, to give back in a small way to students graduating from Frank Scott Bunnell High School. Together, we fund three scholarships that support graduating seniors.

We chose award values based on iconic figures or meaningful values from each field, giving deeper meaning to each scholarship than the pure monetary value along.

All recipients are selected by the Bunnell High School Scholarship committee. Students wishing to apply for scholarships should contact their guidance counselor. 


Ingmanson Engineering Scholarship:


As a society the use of technology has empowered us to do great things and to reach unimaginable goals. This is true today and will hold true as future generations utilize science and technology to better our world. In this Ingmanson Engineering Scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who exemplifies the creative, innovative, or benevolent use of technology and science in his or her endeavors.


Ingmanson Leadership Scholarship:


Presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated their dedication to a cause or program in which they have acted as a leader and role model while advocating for their beliefs and the groups best interest.


Ingmanson Mathematics Award:


Presented to a graduating senior who exemplifies a deep passion and understanding in the field of mathematics.