Lordship Elevations

If you live in Lordship [a neighborhood within Stratford, CT] the ocean is a constant part of life. Typically it is a pleasant aspect, but during storms, it can swell up and cause damage. 

I had the Stratford Zoning department print out an elevation map of Lordship. Aside from showing structures and roads, the map includes hundreds of survey points and their exact elevation. I found the map interesting as a Lordship resident.

Reading the Map

The map includes red "X"s to call out survey points. The elevation is labeled next to the "X" in units of feet above high tide. The example point calls out 19.1' feet above the high tide line. So, a storm surge would need to rise to 19.1' before flooding this location. 

For context, Hurricane Sandy produced storm surges of 9.8' near Stratford.

Downloading the Map 

You can download the Lordship map using this link, or by clicking on the image below. The map is a .PDF file and runs just over 10 MB, so it may be slow to open on older computers or phones. For the best viewing experience, spin your phone into landscape mode, or open using a computer - both of these options will let you zoom in enough to read the numbers well.

Lordship Elevation Map, Stratford, CT

Lordship Elevation Map, Stratford, CT

Other Resources

This site offers less accurate data but features a nice interface that lets you search for elevation by address.

Some NOAA information about storm surges.