Video Backgrounds

The concept is straightforward. Take your standard computer background image and use a looping video instead. The result is visually stunning. When I see these videos playing back they make me feel like I'm back where I took the video, relaxing on a beach or hiking in the woods. I put this page together to share my favorite looping background videos. 

Computer Background

Digital Photoframe

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Using your computer is another option. You can download my videos and set them to play on your computer. On a PC you can use Push Video Wallpaper to turn your desktop background into a video. If you have a Mac you can set one of the videos as your background.

A digital photo canvas like Meural looks like a traditional picture frame, but it can play videos and is a great way to show off video backgrounds. There are many other great frames too. Just upload one of these videos to the frame and you are good to go.


Soberanes Canyon Aerial Waves - Shot with a drone along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Captures colorful waves crashing into rocks along the coastline. 

Soberanes Canyon Sunrise Waves - Filmed from a rock outcropping just north of Soberanes Canyon, California. This clip was filmed mid-morning as the sun rose in the background.

Point Dume Waves - Filmed with a drone along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Calm afternoon waves wash into the shore. 

Yellowstone Campfire - We set up camp in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, as the campfire reackled we reaxes and rested for the night. 

Yellowstone Lake Sunrise - An early morning view in the south-west of Yellowstone. Waking up early presented a scene of shimmering water and an orange morning sky. 

Yellowstone River - Looking north from a backcountry campsite in Yellowstone. The flowing river is accented by elk antlers and a mountain landscape. 

Lookout Park Foggy Morning Waves - Rough seas from a recent storm crash into the shore mid morning in Summerland, California.